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Welcome to Constellation Data Systems Web Site.

Constellation Data Systems is a full service electronic design and software engineering firm. Since 1990 the staff at Constellation Data have offered relationships built around excellence in engineering. Constellation Data Systems is a full service electronic design and software engineering firm.

Whereas some engineering firms simply support design, Constellation specializes in design of your concepts through prototyping, testing and finally to the contract manufacturer(s) of your choice. After manufacturing, we can also provide continuity of support into deployment.

Featured Technologies

Digital Video.

We have extensive experience designing video systems for operation in harsh and unforgiving environmental.

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Biomedical Engineering

We are experienced developing electronic systems supporting chemical analysis and test, spirometry, and brain / body signal analysis for diagnostic and screening purposes.

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PEM Fuel Cells and
Electro Chemical Systems

Constellation has over 12 years of experience (three decades on staff) implementations using PEM fuel cell technology.

Wireless Communications

With almost a century of RF and Wireless design experience on staff, Constellation can bring significant depth of insight to your wireless challenges.

Featured Markets

Oil and Gas

We have experience with metering, SCADA control, and a specific background supporting refining, marketing, supply and transportation of both liquids and gases.

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Military and Aerospace

Constellation Data Systems is pleased to provide telemetry systems to support critical humanitarian and re-supply missions. Constellation technology enables receiving units to electronically locate, identify and prioritize retrieval of cargo. This technology also enables real time cockpit display of critical data. Government users are encouraged to contact us for more information.



We have designed a wide range of systems for the automotive market. We can work with you to develop concepts into prototypes, and prototypes into production success.

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