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Constellation Data Systems has serviced industry since its inception in 1990. Since its transition to an Ohio Corporation in 1996, Constellation has specialized in providing specialized expertise to industry. With a century of combined engineering experience on staff, we have a reputation as a top developer of quality electronic engineering solutions and also as a provider technical intellectual property (IP) solutions.

Since our founding we have provided services and IP to a market spaces, including Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Medical and Chemical Test.

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Core Competencies and Disciplines

  • Digital Electronic Engineering: Microprocessor based, FPGA's, Hybrid Control Solutions
  • Radio Frequency Electronic Engineering: FH/SS Solutions, Software Tunable Filters
  • Kernel Mode Software Engineering: Embedded Systems, Device Drivers / Kernel Mode, Multi-tasking / Multi-processing, Software Based Forward Error Correction
  • Firmware Systems: Control of RF - Digitally Tuned Filters, Digitally Controlled RF Forward Error Correction
  • Application Engineering: Graphical User Interfaces, Data Base Solutions
  • Paradigms: INFOSEC, GPS, FH / ECCM, Real Time Digital Video, Facial Recognition
  • Systems Engineering and Computer Forensics: Alcohol / Chemical Test, Automotive
  • Communications: HDLC / SDLC, Sync / Asyc, Router level, T1-PRI/ISDN-BRI, TCP, UPD, IP, sockets and layered NDIS

Selected Tools, Environments and Paradigms

  • The lost art of Assembly Language Programming
  • VHDL design Altera and Xilinx FPGAs
  • Kernel Mode Driver Paradigms: WDM, NDIS, WIN32, NT model, VXDs, DOS ASM
  • Languages: C/C++, ASM, Visual Basic
  • CPU Architecture Family: ARM Processors (Cortex M3 and M4), TI DSP family, Motorola Embedded, Intel and others.
  • SCC's & UART's: Z85230, Z8530, Z16C30, Z16C32, 16550/8250
  • Specialized Systems Software: CMX Kernel, Real Time Linux, FreeRTOS
  • Implementations: Embedded and High Level