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Custom Engineering
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Automotive Electronic Engineering

We have designed a wide range of systems for the automotive market. We can work with you to develop concepts into prototypes, and prototypes into production success.

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ISO 9001:2008 Compliant Engineering Processes

When customers elect to use Constellation's ISO 9001 compliant engineering process in the performance of their work, there is a resultant expectation in repeatability of the quality in the work product.

Biomedical Engineering

We are experienced developing electronic systems supporting chemical analysis and test, spirometry, and brain / body signal analysis for diagnostic and screening purposes.

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Electronic Design Engineering Activities

We apply the expertise of our engineering staff using proven tools such as Mentor Graphic's PADS automated design system. PADS unites quick schematic definition with powerful layout, routing, and simulation capabilities.

Military and Aerospace


ATS facilitates real-time in-cockpit data depiction, storage and back-office processing of critical flight data. Government users are encouraged to contact us for more information.

Firmware and Software Engineering Activities

We design and develop custom embedded software and firmware for variety of platforms.

On the embedded side, ARM and Cortex M3 and M4 processors currently reflect excellent value to custom projects needing strong CPU performance.

On the software side we have excellent supporting skills in the Windows and Mac OS environments.

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PEM Fuel Cells and
Electro Chemical Systems

Constellation has over 12 years of organizational experience (three decades on staff) designing implementions using PEM fuel cell technology.

Activities using Customer Specified Engineering Standards

We encourage our customers to specify standards to be applied to the engineering performed. The standards you specifiy "plug into" our ISO Engineering Quality System, thus providing assurance of tracaeability and transparency in the engineering process.

Custom Wireless Communications


With almost a century of RF and Custom wireless design experience on staff, Constellation can bring significant depth of insight to your wireless challenges.

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Rapid Electronic Prototyping Activities

We have relationships which allow fast turns of 24 to 48 hour turns on bare circuit boards. That capability coupled with our in house electronic component pick/place and reflow machines allow minimum time between design and first use of your custom electronic designs. Small and simple design concepts can be "prototype in hand" within days.

Digital Video

We have extensive experience designing video systems for operation in harsh and unforgiving environmental.

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Environmental Testing Activity

General Capabilities:

  • Multiple chambers with various capabilities
  • -70C to +190C
  • ~2C / Min change
  • humidity options
  • dust test capability
  • well stocked testing laboratory

Chemical Testing Design Services

Constellation has extensive experience designing chemical detection systems in the gas phase.

Vibration Test Activity

General Capabilities:

  • Force rating 112 N (25 lbf) sine peak (187 N (42 lbf) with cooling)
  • Frequency range 5Hz to 10kHz (B&K 4810), and 10Hz to 20KHz (B&K 4809)
  • Maximum bare table acceleration 700 m/s2 (71 g)
  • Low cross motion and low distortion
  • Highly damped axial, transverse and flexural resonances
  • Continuous 12.7 mm (0.5 in) peak-to-peak displacement
Minature Precision Gas Phase Pump Design

Constellation has extensive experience designing minature precision gas phase pumps.

Altitude Test and Precise Air Pressure Control Engineering Activities

We have altitude test capabilities (up to 50K feet). Controlling air pressure into test manifolds with extreme levels accuracy and precision is a Constellation specialty.

Where to Go From Here?

At your convenience call the Constellation Data Sales / Business development office for a no obligation discussion about your requirements. Our sales representatives have authority to grab the "right engineer" from another cubicle for an in depth discussion about technology & costs, as well as scheduling and risk mitigation strategies.