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General Description Multi Port GPS Utility

The Multi Port GPS utility (a GPS serial data splitter) allows you to split GPS data, in industry standard NMEA format into several data streams, thus making the data available to more than one application.

The Multi Port GPS utility functions by reading NMEA protocol sentences, from a single GPS receiver device ,and replicates that NMEA data onto multiple Virtual Serial Ports. Individual GPS applications (such as Microsoft's Streets and Trips) may then be attached to each of those serial ports. Multi Port GPS also re-structures corrupt NMEA sentences and restores the necessary timing relationships. It can be used either as a stand alone utility, or as a starting point for a custom design, such as a GPS data splitter. While the following Data Flow Diagram shows two Virtual Serial Ports, the utility is designed to work with an arbitrary number of virtual serial ports. Thus there is virtually no limit to the number of times you can split GPS data.

Source code for this utility is published, and custom built variations of this utility may be created with the GPS Software Development Kit.


1. Click here to download the Multi Port GPS Utility User's Guide in PDF format. Read prior to installing and running the utility.
2. Click here to download the Multi Port GPS Product Executable component.
3. Click here to download the VSP Core Software (required to execute the utility).

GPS Product licensing is handled through through the Constellation Data Systems Sales office.

Data Flow Diagram

Command Line Switches

| Multi Port GPS Utility v2.31, Rev c
| (c) 2004 Constellation Data Systes, Inc. (CDS)
| All Rights Reserved, Restricted USE, contact CDS for licensing.

Usage: MultiPortGPS Source Destination1 Destination2...

Source - The GPS Port from which NMEA is read.
Destination - The Virtual Serial Port(s) onto which NMEA is written.

[switches] - Optional settings of the GPS COM port unless otherwise noted
('Virtual' nomenclature). All VALUE's are in decimal.