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Network Serial Port Pro - Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the capabilities/limitations of the NSP Pro?

With NSP Pro you can easily connect modems, scales, laboratory instruments, bar code readers, and virtually any other serial port device to a network. NSP Pro's exclusive Virtual Serial Port capability allows accessing the connected devices from remote locations as though they were local resources!

Using the NSP Pro, can the Data Stream be maniuplated?

Datastreams content and timing can be manipulated with custom software, which is supported by the NSP Pro Software Development Kit (NSP SDK). The reference designs provided in source code format in the NSP SDK are a starting point for any custom design you may find necessary, thus saving you time on your development schedule.

What is the protocol for NSP Pro data transfers?

The NSP Pro transfers data using the industry standard TELNET protocol, which supports Transmit Data (TD) and Receive Data (RD) in both directions. The NSP Pro framework also supports modem control line and modem status line capture control and manipulation. While TELNET is essentially a TD and RD interface, other modem and flow control lines (such as DSR, DTR, etc) and can be implemented by using the NSP SDK.

The next release of the NSP Pro will support both the TELNET protocol and an additional protocol which provides full integration of modem control and status lines.

Can the NSP Pro be integrated into embedded products and platforms?

The NSP SDK is necessary to implement prototype embedded platforms. Moving from prototype to production may expose customers to additional requirements depending on the various applications which may be used. Should this become necessary, we are available to support your endeavors with custom engineering and/or source code licensing as needed.

How does the NSP Pro operate with Linux and Unix?

The NSP Pro supports the industry standard TELNET interface is interoperable with most TELNET implementions in Windows and Unix (Linux).

How Can I license the source code?

A source code license is available, please contact us for more information.