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Regardless of whether your investment involves Constellation Data's Custom Engineering Services, Software Licensing, or IP Core Sales and Licensing, the investment you make in your Research & Development projects should be complimented by confidence in your technology partner's product. When selecting Constellation Data Systems as your technology partner, you are assured that the technology that you acquire is proven, robust and solid, but also that it is also free of infringement (unlike much of the hardware and software technologies coming from the third world), and which is supported by an organization which respects your investment.

Custom Electronic Engineering

Constellation Data recognized that it is often possible to rapidly accelerate development engineering without having to make compromises on quality without additional risk. From this recognition, the Rapid Response Development Initiative (R2DI) was born. Let Constellation Data show how quality, risk reduction, and rapid solutions are possible.

Call our business development and sales office discuss your requirements, and demonstrate to you and your organization the "value multiplier" built into a solution with CDS as your development partner. Using this concept each dollar of value placed into a solution with Constellation Data, generates several dollars of value into the final work product.

VSP Solution Sales

VSP Solutions are available in several different configurations in order to best meet your requirements. Individual Licenses, OEM Licenses, Company Licenses, as well as the Source Code is available. Complete documentation including Integration Guides are provided in order to make the job easy.

Individual License

The VSP Individual License are most suitable for users who typically have requirements of less than 50 seats. Or, if there is a need to test an application before committing to an OEM License as an example, buying several of the Individual Licenses and testing with your application minimizes your financial exposure.

VSP OEM License

The VSP OEM License permits making an unlimited number of copies of the Virtual Serial Port (VSP) framework and the associated VSP utilities, coupled to a customer's single application without having individual software keys for each machine that contains the framework. There are several ways that the OEM license can be installed: The OEM Customized Installation Procedure (OCIP) or the Core Installation Procedure (CIP) method.

The OEM Customized Installation Procedure can be used to integrate the VSP with the OEM application plus it provides detailed information on what is required to create a custom installer for the combined solution.

When a VSP OEM License is installed, the “splash screen”, which contains the copyright information, is changed to a much smaller screen (approximately 5% of the viewing screen size) that displays the VSP copyright designation. Optionally, at no additional cost, the OEM’s copyright information can also be displayed (as shown below in the hypothetical – WidgetSearch Tool, © 2003, etc). This screen is displayed for approximately 2 seconds.

The purchase of a VSP OEM License also includes an OCIP Demonstration Batch File installation so the developer can see exactly what registry entries are required should they elect to create a customized installer. The VSP OEM Integration Guide provides detailed easy to follow installation information for the developer.

VSP Company License

The VSP Company License is identical to the VSP OEM License in every way with the difference being the Company License will allow for integrating the product with three (3) different applications whereas the VSP OEM License is limited to a being integrated with a single application.

In summary, the VSP Company License;

  • can be installed in 3 separate applications,
  • an unlimited number of copies per application can be made,
  • two methods of installation are available,
  • start-up splash screen can include your copyright information,
  • includes and OEM Integration for ease of installation, and
  • is a cost effective solution for multiple product offerings within your company
Source Code License

The non-exclusive Source Code License is available for organizations which have an interest in complete access (and control) of the underlying critical code compoents.

Deliverable on this item includes:

  • sources to VSP driver core (Windows XP, 2000, NT4)
  • sources VSP Startup Device Enumerator/background process·
  • sources VSP Applications Programming Interface (VSPAPI)·
  • sources to Reference Designs / Base Utilities (C++)
  • install Shield Script Installation procedures
  • driver Build procedures·
  • test and validation procedures·
  • shared include files·
  • complete VSP/VSP Documentation Manuals