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  • I got the update downloaded and installed. All is working as it should be. Thanks again for all the support. Just wanted to share with you my thoughts about the selection process and development experience with your company and it's products. Feel free to do with this as you wish.

    When we first started looking for Virtual Serial Port drivers for our application we found many of them out there. Yours at the time did not support Windows 98 while your competitors did. After downloading several demo programs for Windows 98 and XP we found that your product was the most well behaved and actually performed as advertised. While your competitor's products were buggy and unreliable and caused my computer to crash on several occasions.

    It didn't take me long to make my decision as to which product to choose. The only drawback at the time was that your product didn't support Windows 98. After a couple of emails and actual responses, which is a rarity in and of itself, I found that you were actually working on a 98 version of the product. At this point it was a done deal for me. After presenting the product to my business partner he was somewhat skeptical as your 98 version was to be released in the future. All of his concerns were put to rest when he saw first hand the service that Constellation Data Systems provided. Your assistance through the primary development of our product was greatly appreciated. Even though our product has not officially been released at this time, we are extremely confident that we made the right decision and that your Virtual Serial Port framework is a solid foundation for our application. Best regards, GM, IDI Incorporated.

  • The Virtual Serial Port Technology from Constellation saved us a tremendous amount of work in the integration of our medical imaging product that we recently introduced. Plus, their documentation and support were outstanding! PT, Austin Texas

  • In searching for a Windows Virtual Serial Port solution, my number one criteria was support. My concern was finding a company who understood the importance of my development schedule and was willing to work with me in order to integrate their product seamlessly to assure no delay. Constellation Data System was my company of choice and they did not let me down. In fact, they went above and beyond in pointing out integration techniques which saved my developers many hours of time in creating an installer for my product. Thank you very much CDS! TV, Boston, Massachusetts
  • The service and support are outstanding. I strongly recommend Constellation Data Systems. RVH, Brussels
  • After spending about six weeks trying to create a virtual serial port which could place data across a TCP/IP network, I discovered the Network Serial Port from Constellation Data Systems. I downloaded a completely functional demo from their Website and was able to successfully test it in my application before I bought. Once I purchased an OEM License from CDS, they provided me with excellent ocumentation as well as sample installation files which made the integration a breeze. Plus, they continue to provide me with new upgrades as they occur, thus assuring that I have the most robust solution. JT, Australia
  • They continued to work and support my efforts for over a year before I was able to get budgetary approval to buy the VSP. ST, USAF
  • I began working with Constellation Data Systems in March of this year on a government software project which involved very rigorous performance. They supported me throughout the development cycle and when it got down to the final weeks of the schedule where we were working night and day, they made themselves accessible to us at home and weekends as we completed the qualification testing even before we bought anything from them. To say that their service and support was outstanding is almost an understatement. Thanks CDS! CB, New Hampshire
  • We are located in Los Angeles and serve a world-wide market in providing development tools for engineers. In looking for someone to provide our company with a Virtual Serial Port solution for use in a new product we were developing, I was concerned not only about performance but support and service. Cost of the a VSP solution was a secondary consideration since we already had a major investment in our development. What I needed was a solution that was mature in its design and one which would be supported in the future. After trying several different products, I chose CDS because of the thoroughness of the documentation and support from their highly qualified staff. PD, Los Angeles, CA