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Product Overview

The Virtual To Physical serial port product allows serial ports data streams to/from an application to be reflected upon another devices (such as a physical serial port). Data written by an application to the VirtualSerialPort serial port (TX Data) is available to be read from the physical serial port. Similarly, any data written by any data written to the Physical Serial Port is available to be read by the connected application on the Virtual Serial Port (RX data). Similarly input modem control lines of the Physical Serial Port (such as CTS, DSR, RI, RTS, CD, etc) are connected to the corresponding Virtual Serial Port. Common uses for this product are:

  • a debugger (to inspect serial port data)
  • a tool to manipulate serial port timing
  • a proof of concept for a starting point for a custom application built around the product's soure code component.

Source code for this component is also available in the VSP SDK.

Download Now

The Virtual to Physical product is a component of a package called the "VSP Core".

1. Click here to download the VSP Core Users Guide and Reference Manual
2. Click here to download the Virtual Serial Port Core software

The Virtual Serial Port Software is a completely functional product which is provided for evaluation purposes. After about 6 hours of use, a nag screen appears requiring the user to take action to restore the functionality of the VSP for another 6 hour period. Click here in order to license a fully enabled version this product

Hypothetical Data Flow Diagram

In the following example print data is intercepted from a virtual serial port, and forwarded through the Virtual To Physical product to a physical serial port device. In more complex implementations, such as protocols with tight timing, manipulation of the data timing may become necesssary (either though parameter usage or source code modification).

Switches and Selections

If Virtual To Physical is run no parameters, or invalid parameters to following dialog box is displayed. This dialog box serves as a guide to the product parameters.

Parameters may be specified either on the command line, or through a GUI menu item shortcut accessable from the Windows Start button. Also, the names of the corresponding virtual serial ports (generically described here as COMA and COMB) can be setup using the AddPort utility. Consult the VSP Core Users Guide and Reference Manual for more information.